Mall of the World

he success of the 16th Asian Games drew the worlds attention to Guangzhou. Not only has it strengthened the city's role as a central metropolis in Southern China, the growth of business opportunities, together with its massive facelift, stimulates its people to upgrade their lifestyles.

Located at the newest CBD of Guangzhou, Mall of the World is surrounded by 39 iconic infrastructures such as the Haixinsha Asian Games Park, and the new Canton TV Tower,

Guangdong Museum and Opera House - forming a new central axis of Guangzhou.

Relax at the magnificent Mall of the World, enjoy your new shopping experience with 400 world-wide branded shops, high end restaurants, and the excitement of a 3D IMAX cinema.

Mall of the World is the new centerpiece of the Pearl River New City CBD. Opening in late 2011, the mall was conceived with a vision to create Guangdong Province's leading shopping and entertainment hub. With a total area of over 130,000 sq.m, Mall of the World incorporates a diverse range of tastes and styles from China, Asia and far beyond. From high end boutiques, to cutting edge electronics, to the 3D IMAX cinema, the mall stimulates customers with exciting shopping, dining and entertainment pleasures.

Huacheng Square, located in Zhujiang New Town's CBD, is now a renowned sightseeing and shopping destination. Walking in the square one can appreciate the green surrounds and a magnificent view of the Canton Tower across the Pearl River.